Maîtresse Atika

About the sessions

I own a lot of tools, light and heavy, to punish and restraint, as well as numerous outfits… But no dungeon ! My sessions take place in a fully equipped, discreet, clean and safe flat in Paris.

Ifyour application is accepted, you will be charged a pre-booking feewhich will be requested after the telephone conversation, to confirmthe time slot. There’s no scam, I’m just fed up with the numerousfake people calling me for nothing.

The fee amount is €50, payable on Neosurf or Amazon Gift Card. It is non negotiable, and no refunds are possible. When we meet, your offering will cover the difference.

A session is a lot of work. Processing the applications, preparing my outfits and my flat… I read and process EVERY application myself.

My time is precious, just like yours.

There’s no mandatory practice, I dominate according to my mood and feelings. Some days I will care for fetish, some others I’ll crave for physical domination, or cerebral submission.

Don’t be surprise, then, if I ask you to call me back another day. If I refuse your application, during the short call, or by email (that can happen), it’s useless to harass me. Your motivations may not have convinced me. According to my mood, I may also have to refuse your application temporarily. Please respect my choices.

According to your profile, the session standard time is 1 hour. For longer sessions, please ask.

What I don’t offer : Pimping, drug use or drug administration, zoophilia, biting, puking, cunnilingus, permanent marks or injuries, blood, and public humiliation.

Sexual intercourse between the Mistress and the slave is of course strictly forbidden.

I also refuse to masturbate my slave (handjob and footjob). However I allow you to do it yourself, if you want to put an end to your “torment”.

SCAT PLAY : For caviar enthusiasts, if you’re not in Paris, it will be difficult to setup a session. As I don’t offer this practice regularly, please email me your availabilities.

For example : “Good morning Mistress, I will be in Paris tomorrow in the 20th District. I can meet you whenever you like, between 2pm and 6pm. If you had any possibility of a caviar play in that time period, I would be there within 30 min. My telephone number is…”

HYGIENE : During the “risky” practices, I use single-use latex glove, condoms for my dildos and strap-on dildos, and lots of lube.

All my gear is cleaned after each session with soap, and disinfected with a special alcoholized cleaning substance.

You can have a shower before and/or after we meet, in a comfortable bathroom. The more confident you are, the more you will abandon yourself to me, and the more fun I’ll have. So that’s also in my interest to be clear about this.

I also ask for a good body hygiene from my slaves. An enema is mandatory, before any fist or dildo play for example. I’m very cautious about my slave’s health who practises scat play.

You will have the possibility to ask me for test results for VIH, hepatitis C an A. I can show you a recent one if you worry about this. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, besides I am very careful about those diseases. The last test was passed on August 1st, 2018.

Special Note

Because I receive a lot of questions, I want to make things clear on this website :

Thank you for reporting any disease, allergy, health conditions, STD / STI, asthma, phobia… in your application email. Let me know if you are disabled (slight or severe disability). I’ve already met disabled slaves. According to your condition, I will be the only judge to accept your application, for your own safety.

Regular sessions are possible if we get along well. To me, long term relations are necessary if you want to progress, and fully abandon yourself to your Mistress.

Training sessions are possible if you write a clear project (Only by email). I will answer to all your emails regarding training sessions, even if the answer is no.