Maîtresse Atika

Who am I ?


Just who is Mistress AtikA ?

Could you please tell us about you, Mistress AtikA ?

I’m 29 years old, I was born in the Centre region of France. I’ve then lived in Normandy for two years. That’s where and when I started my first real S&M sessions. After that, I moved to Touraine region, to come back near my birthplace, and finally I came to Paris.

I’m of a Kabyle origin, and I had a French education. I have a very strong mediterranean temperament, I am intransigent and a perfectionist.

I was seduced by the slaves I met in Paris in August 2009 during a short trip. Most of them were were very deeply submissive. That’s what convinced me to move to the French capital.

I’m neither a feminist, nor a gynarchist. I don’t feel any hatred towards men. On the contrary, I truly love them. That said, I strongly believe that a man needs a woman for his well being and balance. I also believe she can lead him by his male organ.

I’m passionate about human perversion, and especially male perversion.

A woman can use her charms, manipulate a man, play with him, take him to his limits and make him accept things most people would refuse.

I like to play. I like psychology, and I read a lot of books about it. I like every forms of sex, and most of a all, I love what I call the third dimension of sex.

I learned everything about domination on my own, since the day I started practicing. When I look back, I don’t have any regrets about not having received a teaching or an initiation. I learned through my sessions, in a natural way. I have a lot of respect towards people who have the courage to abandon themselves in my hands. Respect is the base of our relations, even if you only come once.

What I like about domination ?

It’s only during my sessions that I met people I considered being truly humane. Without any artifice, you will drop your employee, boss, fatherhood disguise, as well as your education, morals, beliefs and … your manhood, in the locker room.

It’s only You, kneeling before me. The real You, the one you never want to show anybody. That’s the You I will feast on out of pleasure, but don’t worry, you will get him back after the session

For some people, Domination is a way to really let go, and fly away from this strange world. Is morality part of this world by the way ?

I refuse anything that would put the live of my subjects on the line !

You don’t have to be afraid of any leak about your private life.

Furthermore, I can organize specific sessions for people who have a public life, just mention it in the contact form.

My sessions are authentic, I live them to the fullest. That’s why you’re faithful to me, and don’t forget that everything’s happening in my sessions are part of a game. There’s no mandatory practice, I respect your limits, just as you have to respect my rules.

That won’t keep me from taking you beyond your limits, during a session or if we meet on a regular basis. Every subject is unique, we will talk about it.

My promise : If you respect that, if I accept your application letter and the mandatory short call, you will live through an unforgettable moment.

Writeyour project and send it to me : your limits, your past experience,the practices you like, your taboos, your availabilities. Be as clearas possible. You can send an unsolicited application to, or use the pre-filled contact form by clicking here,to avoid forgetting any important information about you.