Maîtresse Atika

Practices / Limits

Possible practices

I offer S&M domination sessions, soft or hard depending on your experience and your level of submission. Here the practices I enjoy. None of these practices is mandatory, every person I meet is willing to receive them. The project submitted by the subject is very useful in that way, so that I can be sure of his consent. That’s why the application form is so important.

What I don’t offer : Slave pimping, drug use or drug administration, zoophilia, biting, puking, cunnilingus, permanent marks or injuries, blood, and public humiliation.


    • Foot fetish and lingerie. My French shoe size is 37. UK : Size 4 / US : Size 5.5

    • Olfactophilia : Smell fetish of feet or armpits. You have to ask several hours before the session

    • I also sell my worn lingerie, virtually or hand to hand. Please email me

    • Menstruations play

    • Trampling

    • Face sitting (Only anal) ,

    • Smothering play and breath play (with my hands, between my legs, scissoring…)

    • Soft choking

    • Ballbusting, (Soft to harder, but not until castration!!!)

    • Golden Shower / Uro play (body, face, mouth, please be clear)

    • Handcuffs

    • Dildo, Strap-on dildo, Plugs, Inflatable Plugs (I own a lot of sizes depending on your anatomy, there’s a possibility of going step by step)

    • Fist/Double fist (I’m very good at it, and famous for it)

    • Speculum

    • Urethra probes, made of surgical steel.

    • Figging (Use of ginger roots to have strong sensations and anal dilatation) Please ask for this during your application.

    • Whips, crops, paddles…

    • Falaka, (Soles torture, without any visible mark, for engaged men)

    • Slaps

    • Saliva play, spits

    • Pinching, by hand or with forceps

    • Nipple torture (S&M)

    • Cock torture (S&M)

    • Candle play

    • Feminisation

    • Age play, adult baby regression

    • Wrestling games

    • Tickling

    • Stuffing

    • All kinds of crushing

    • Needles play (only soft)

    • Scat play Body, face or mouth


I’m open to other practices, that may not appear here. As an Epicurean, I like to discover new games.

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