Maîtresse Atika


Scenarios :

These roleplay scenarios can be adapted according to each subject. Those are just ideas of what kind of games we can play together. The roleplay is only possible with motivated and playful slaves.

Your private life, your integrity and your anonymity, will always be secure with me. Those scenarios may seem very realistic, but of course, remember it’s still a game, no matter what happens.

This list is non-exhaustive, so don’t hesitate if you have other ideas to submit. Sometimes scenarios can inspire others.

I’ve played all the scenarios I will describe here, at least once. If I offer to play them, that’s because I liked them. It’s up to you to make them come to life. Just don’t forget that we are two people playing together.

Have a good reading

Mistress AtikA

Consultation and variants :

1 I am a doctor, you’re visiting me because you’re afraid you’re suffering sensory loss.

I will check on you, and run several tests (ice cubes, wax, rectal and nipple examination, make you smell several parts of my body…). We will set up these tests together according to your limits.

2 I’m a doctor, you’re coming for a standard checkup. What you don’t know is your doctoress is truly vicious, and she tends to be very insistent while examining some parts of your body (anus, nipples testicles…)

When you ask me if this is normal, I suddenly tie you up to abuse you and rape you… None of your holes will be forgotten.

Boss, Teacher and variants

3 I’m a school teacher, you’re a student starting as a trainee to become a teacher’s assistant. This position can only be filled by women. But I’m starting to be in doubt, regarding your femininity, and I ask proofs, which you can’t refuse, as I’m threatening you to notify the academic management about your subterfuge.

You’re afraid to lose your job, so you’re willing to cooperate (the next steps will be decided together)

4 Head of a religious school, I’m calling you to my office because you have been reported to have shown your genitals to young girls during class.

Knowing that your parents donate more than €20 000 a year to the school, and as we signed a contract stating that you will graduate this year (an article of this contract stipulates that I am fully authorized to use any means in my power to make you graduate, and I’ll get a very interesting bonus if I succeed), I’m willing to do anything to make your perversion stop. Including being more perverse than you, just to teach you a lesson that, believe me, you won’t forget.

I will restrain your depravity. Which one of us will be the most perverse?

Other scenarios

5 You’re my boss, I’m buying you a drink in a bar, just to make an announcement. I won the big prize at the national lottery, so I’m telling you you won’t see me again.

Because you’ve always liked me, you’re willing to do anything to keep me working by your side. But now, I have much more money and power than you’ll ever have. So I’ll make your pay for all those years of enslavement and sexual harassment.

6 You’re a tax inspector and you’re coming for an unplanned tax audit at my place. You figure out I own valuable goods, and you want to make me settle the situation… Except maybe if I accept to give you a small treat. What you don’t know is I recorded everything on my smartphone, and I’m now threatening you to send the recording to your wife. Except if you accept to do everything I’m going to ask. (Practices are to be defined together, within your limits)

7 This scenario was submitted by one of my slave, and was arranged AtikA’s way.

We’ve already met before, in a bar. I flirted with you, and I’m now inviting you for a very hot session tomorrow night at my place.

Back home I offer you a drink, I’m turning you on like hell (and I’m very good at it), then I ask you for money, I start blackmailing you, by threatening you to reveal everything to your wife if you don’t kneel before me.

You thought I was a whore? Well let’s see who’s the whore now ! Well well, who’s laughing now? (Practices are to be defined together, within your limits)

8 Uncanny massage (Best seller)

You’re coming for a relaxing massage at my institute. I’m wearing a bathrobe, under which I’m hiding a spiked harness (or any other super hot outfit).

You strip to lie face down on the massage table, but you keep your underpants.

I start massaging you, and then you start having this dominant male behaviour, complaint, giving me orders, and criticizing my massage technique. Suddenly, I tie your hands behind your back, and I stuff a buttplug in your mouth as a gag. Then I take your underpants off, and I tie a spreader bar to your ankles.

Now that you’re completely at my mercy, I drop my bathrobe, and start preparing your anus with my fingers, to insert the buttplug, which is now well lubed.

“Listen to me you bitch, you thought I was a whore? Let’s see who’s the whore now!”

After this first step, spanking, whip and crop will follow.

Then I put on my huge strap-on dildo, and I stuff it in your mouth.

Next step : I take the buttplug out of you, and I start to fuck you doggystyle with my strap-on, or in any other position depending on my mood. Then I lie you on your back, and keep fucking you.

Finally, I release you from your restraints, I take my strap-on out of you, and I sit on your face, for an anal facesitting session where I’ll allow you to masturbate.

9 The shy spinster (one of my favourites, can be played with shy slaves, or playful slaves)

You will be feminized by my expert hands (you’ll be either a spinster, with an old dress, either a teasing bimbo, who still is shy when it comes to take action).

You’re 25 years old (in the game), you’re still a virgin, and you come spend the afternoon at my place. We talk about boys, sex, and you seem very embarrassed when I use some words.

I’ll then offer to help you get wild, with some very hot spicy games.

You didn’t play doctor when you were a kid, you’ll catch up with me. (Practices are to be defined together, within your limits)

10 The retarded boy

You’re a classmate coming at my place. I noticed you never talk to anybody, prom night is coming and you don’t have a partner. As a good Samaritan, I offer to be your prom date. But I also don’t want people to make fun of me, I’ll try to make you a bit bolder before the D-day.

I figure out you know absolutely nothing about girls, or sex, and I’ll have to start your whole sex ed from scratch.

So I’ll play with you, like a doll, to teach you your lessons.

Me : You know that? that’s a strap-on dildo. Let’s teach you how to give a proper blowjob.

You : But I’m not gay!

Me : You’ll be my bitch, or else you’re gonna stay virgin for the rest of your life. Is that what you want?

You : No Ma’am

Me : So don’t argue, open wide, and spread your legs when you’re told, or I’ll tell your mum you’re gay.

And for a more realistic effect, I can use a real sexdoll, or use you as a sexdoll, which is better. That’s an AtikA’s moment.

11 My married lover

You come to my place for our weekly afternoon delight, which I’m always looking forward. We’ve been dating like this for two years. You’re married and you’re not attracted to your wife anymore.

Several times, you promised me you would divorce, so we can finally live our love in broad daylight. I’m addicted to you. But last week, at a contractor’s, you didn’t see me but I was standing right behind you. You were asking for a quote, to expand your house.

I understood you’ve been lying to me from the start, and I start to threaten you.

“I have your wife’s number, don’t make me call her”

“Please honey, you wouldn’t do it, would you?”

“Oh yeah, and what will keep me from doing it?”…

As always, I’m getting my way, and I humiliate you for those two years of unforgivable lies.

For most of the scenarios, the practices are not completely defined, I only offer the context of the game, we can then discuss the practices. You can find what I like, as well as my taboos, on the page “Practices / Limits”

11 The “DSK” Scenario

This one is only possible with my regular slaves. There’s a variant for the others.

You’re a VIP on a business trip, and you’re staying at a five star hotel. You’re in your bathroom, getting dressed after your shower, when the maid (me) enters the room, with dusters, gloves, apron…

You hear the noise in the room so you open the bathroom door. You’re awed by my goddess body, as my movements and my poses don’t leave you indifferent.

While I’m on my knees, picking up something, you come out of the bathroom and start flirting with me.

After a short dialogue where you called me a consenting whore, and where I’m saying I didn’t provoke you, you’re becoming more and more insistent, while I struggle to get away from you.

You stare me in the eyes while unzipping your pants, slowly, and you rush at me.

The fight is short I quickly take over and throw you to the ground. I sit astride you, and I tie you up with a curtain cord. You’re now at my mercy.

“So that’s how you treat hotel employees ? Let me show you how it’s done, bitch”


“Shut up, or I gag you ! Let’s see who’s the whore. First you’re going to clean this room, and believe me, you want to do it right. Understood?”

“But miss…”

“You’d better shut up, there’s no miss here, there’s only a bitch, and that’s you ! From now on, you’re calling me Mistress. Do you understand, bitch?”

(Practices are to be defined together, within your limits)

11 Variant :

You are the room maid, and I’m the perverse customer. Except that you lose, of course.

12 The scat plummer

“Mister Plummer, I’m calling you because I couldn’t go the toilet for two days, it’s completely blocked.”

When you arrive, you start doing mistakes such as forgetting your tools, check on the bathtub or the sink, even though I didn’t call you for this.

I’m mad, and I want to call your boss. You start begging me not to do it, because you have a family, and he’s going to fire you.

Me : “As you don’t know how to fix a toilet, you’re going to be one. Lie down on your back, and open your mouth if you don’t want me to call your boss”

You : “What? Are you serious?”

Me : “Make it quick, it’s urgent !”

You : “!:ù;;ù;:!”

Moi : “Don’t talk, open wide !”

What happens next, you’ll know it in real life, at my place.

Most of those scenarios were inspired by real sessions I’ve played, up to you to guess which.

I wish you good torments.